Ann Romney's Speech At Convention Delivered In Powerhouse Fashion (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Ann Romney Wows At Convention Speech In Presidential Red

It was her national debut, the moment when she would deliver her major address to the country (or, as Jezebel called it, her "My Husband Isn’t Terrible!" speech). But even before Ann Romney opened her mouth at the Republican National Convention in Tampa last night, she looked every inch the first lady.

Wearing what we're sure was a carefully selected ensemble, Mitt Romney's wife exuded strong willpower, feminine charm and a slick confidence all at once. Ann chose bright red, a political power color if there ever was one, which allowed her to pop against the blue backdrop (and prompted more than one pundit to make a Nancy Reagan comparison).

The vivid Oscar de la Renta dress featured flattering to-the-elbow sleeves, a delicate waist-cinching belt with a floral embellishment and a playful fit-and-flared shape that underscored her speech's not-so-subtle theme: "I'm just a girl who fell in love with a cute boy at a high school dance..."

Mrs. Romney also hit high marks, in our opinion, with her makeup and hair. While sometimes a bit unruly or fluffy (hey, we've all been there) on the campaign trail, Ann's hair was perfectly smoothed with the right amount of bounce, reminding us, oddly enough, of Hillary Clinton's famous mane. She was also wearing much more maquillage than usual -- it was live TV, after all. The extra lipstick, brightened visage and slick red nails gave her a polished sheen that screamed "First Lady!"

It was an important fashion moment for the woman who will inevitably face comparisons to that style star, Michelle Obama. When not overly styled for speeches and photo opps, Ann Romney seems to favor a slightly more rumpled, mom-appropriate look. But more and more she's embracing a sleek yet distinct style of her own, one to match her developing identity as a potential FLOTUS.

So what did you think of Ann Romney's fashion choices at last night's Republican Convention -- too stuffy? Too glamorous? Just right? Check out the pics below and let us know in the comments.

Ann Romney's Speech At The 2012 RNC

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