Anna Akana's Letter To Her 16-Year-Old Self Is Something Every Girl Should Hear

"Sixteen-year-old Anna, I know it's hard because you're so romantic, but goddamn it, romance yourself."

There are a lot of pitfalls to female adolescence, like depending on your boyfriend for validation or being too scared to take chances you should, but with the right guide (and hopefully a learner's permit), you can do your best to steer around them. And that's where actress and YouTuber Anna Akana comes in.

From how to make your hair look glorious to why you should love other girls and yourself, Akana's slightly rant-y, endlessly inspiring letter to her 16-year-old self covers a lot of ground. And even though it's addressed to a younger Akana, it's something every girl should hear.

Why? Because you're young, and you don't want to be "on your death bed like, 'Hashtag regrets!'" You should be jumping at exciting new opportunities and making as many real life friends as can possibly fit on your Facebook account and running wild and eating healthy.

And you are worth it, so yes, romance yourself.

(Warning: Video contains strong language.)

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