Anna Chapman Resurfaces In Sexy Photo Shoot (VIDEO)

One month after she was swapped as part of the biggest spy exchange between Russia and the U.S. for decades, "bombshell" Anna Chapman has re-emerged as a fashion model.

In the video footage below Chapman is seen taking part in a sexy shoot for a Russian men's magazine. The most high-profile of the 10 spies arrested in June, Chapman -- who returned to Moscow July 9 after pleading guilty to conspiracy -- is seen in the video wearing a low-cut dress and dark sunglasses. The spires of the Kremlin can be seen in another shot where she poses by a window while a photographer snaps away.

The Russian news site, which posted the video, describes Chapman as "the girl about whom thousands of men dream" and calls the session "sensational," according to The Guardian.

Watch the video of Anna Chapman's fashion shoot here: