Anna Eriksson, 105, Invited To Attend Preschool

105-year-old Woman Invited To Attend Preschool

Age is just a wrong number for a 105-year-old woman in Sweden, who was just invited to join a preschool.

Anna Eriksson recently received an acceptance letter to attend the Central School in the city of Tierp, which was sent to all people in the area who were born in "07," according to

Problem is, she was born in the wrong '07: 1907, not 2007." target="_hplink">That means she beat the cutoff day by an entire century, The reported.

Eriksson's daughter explained the age discrepancy to school principal Mariann Eriksson -- no relation -- and the principal admitted to the Swedish language newspaper Upsala Nya Tidning that a similar problem happened three or four years before and might happen again.

Luckily, the centenarian preschooler had a sense of humor, so much so that Principal Eriksson hopes the 105-year-old stops by for the upcoming open house.

"It would be funny if Anna Eriksson wanted to come here and meet with school administration and drink coffee," Mariann Eriksson told Upsala Nya Tidning.

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