Anna Faris Was Dropping Hints About Trouble With Chris Pratt Before Split

We should have seen the signs.

Before any breakup, there are signs of trouble, but /www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/chris-pratt"}}" data-beacon-parsed="true">Chris Pratt and /www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/chris-pratt"}}" data-beacon-parsed="true">Anna Faris were just too damn cute for anyone to notice. 

After the couple announced they were separating after eight years of marriage, a recent interview Faris gave to People about the challenges of celebrity life is being looked at in a new light.

“I don’t think that’s something, when you’re an actor, that you’re prepared for,” the actress said about being part of a Hollywood power couple weeks before the split. 

“There are two different roles that you play — the one on-camera and the one in public,” she continued. “That’s the tricky part.”

The “Mom” actress went on to mention that she and Pratt are “just normal people” who do things like watch reality TV and work in the garage. 

Faris also spoke about the hardships of living in the spotlight on the last episode of her podcast, “Anna Faris Is Unqualified,” referencing the “loneliness” that comes with being a public figure.

“I play a public character. I laugh loud sometimes — maybe too loud, but it is a public character sometimes,” she said. “Like, if I have a red carpet thing or whatever, which I’m never comfortable, but I’m always like, ‘I’m fine!’ And it never feels like me.”

It’s unclear what exactly caused the split, but a People source reveals Faris “seemed unhappy” when Pratt was off shooting and promoting a slew of films over the last few years and that “the separation was often hard for her to bear.” The two also share a 4-year-old son, Jack, who joined the former couple at Pratt’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in April. 

On Sunday, Faris and Pratt broke our collective hearts with a joint statement revealing that they are separating. 

“We tried hard for a long time, and we’re really disappointed. Our son has two parents who love him very much and for his sake we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward. We still have love for each other, will always cherish our time together and continue to have the deepest respect for one another.”

Despite their differences, Faris’ upcoming book, which reportedly delves heavily into the topic of love, is still set for an October release date with a foreword written by Pratt. 



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