Watch Anna Faris Teach James Corden The Secret To Crying On Command

With a little help from Joshua Jackson.

Crying on command isn't easy. Just ask Anna Faris. 

During her appearance on the "Late Late Show" on Tuesday night, the "Mom" actress revealed to host James Corden that she has difficulty crying on camera. She also admitted that she has trouble crying in real life, off-camera. When she was a kid, her mother would "come down on her" for crying, asking her, "What do you have to feel sorry for?" Clearly, that left a mark. 

These days, when Faris needs to cry on the job, she gets a little help from her handy dandy tear stick, which she (and fellow guest Joshua Jackson) explains is like "Vicks VapoRub for your eyeballs." Sounds, pleasant, doesn't it? 

And for the sake of late-night comedy, Faris gets Corden, as well as Jackson, to use the stick. The result is a hilarious, tear-filled lesson in Hollywood crying.


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