Anna Grodzka Becomes Poland's First Openly Transgender Member Of Parliament

Which Country Just Elected The Only Trans Parliament Member In The World?

Anna Grodzka has become Poland's first openly transgender parliamentarian.

Grodzka, who transitioned last year, secured a place in the Sejm, the nation's lower house of parliament, reports Warsaw Business Journal.

The politician, who is the founder and president of NGO Trans-Fuzja, received 19,541 votes the Krak贸w II electoral district.

"Today, Poland is changing. I am the proof along with Robert Biedron, a homosexual and the head of an anti-homophobia campaign who ran for office in Gdynia," Grodzka said.

She also noted the day before her win was confirmed, "If I'll be elected in Krakow, I'll be Poland's first transgender woman, and the only transgender [member of parliament] not only in Poland, but the entire world," adding, "In New Zealand, there was Georgina Beyer, but she is no longer an MP since 2007."

Grodzka joined the Palikot's Movement (RP) after many years with the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD).

Warsaw Business Journal notes that RP is known for its liberal views including supporting LGBT rights, abortion, and legalizing "soft drugs."

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