Anna Kendrick Was Mistaken For Anna Kournikova, And She Didn't Hate It

But she did have one priceless request to seal the deal.

This is Anna Kendrick, “Pitch Perfect 3” actress and Twitter guru.

This is Anna Kournikova, former professional tennis player and longtime partner of “Hero” singer Enrique Iglesias.

They’re not usually mistaken for one another, but on Tuesday they were.

You see, Kournikova and Iglesias shared the first public photos of their newborn twins on Tuesday. Naturally, news outlets hustled to cover the story. But for one Glamour article shared on Yahoo, it looked like a photo editor had moved a bit too fast and attached Kendrick’s visage to the story. 

Kendrick didn’t hate it.

Dear Yahoo,” Kendrick wrote on Twitter. “How do I get to this timeline where I’ve slept with Enrique Iglesias please and thank you.”

In fact, Kendrick was quite understanding about the mix-up.

A worthy theory, but at least one of Kendrick’s fans saw a deeper connection between Kendrick and Kournikova.


Another user warned Kendrick to steer clear of yet another possible parallel universe.

Overall, the mix-up proved ripe for Twitter hilarity.

Glamour said the article had the correct Anna K. on the magazine’s site, so this mishap appears to be on Yahoo (which is owned by HuffPost’s parent company, Oath).

“Yahoo produces its own original content and it curates content from partners,” said Lori Bongiorno, head of Yahoo Lifestyle and Entertainment. The Anna Kournikova story “came in via a partner feed and the wrong image was pulled in when it was ingested. This was a technical glitch, not human error.”

The story has been updated with comment from Yahoo.