Anna Kendrick Explains Why Her First On-Screen Kiss Was 'Creepy'


Even though Anna Kendrick is a major movie star now with hits like “Twilight” and “Pitch Perfect” under her belt, the actress first got her start on Broadway and in a few small film roles.

Kendrick dished on what life was like before she was a household name in a new interview with E! and opened up about her first roommate in LA. Kendrick was only 17 years old when she moved in with a 26-year-old, who wasn’t too keen on the idea of living with a teenager. 

“Her reaction was like, ‘I’m not looking to babysit anyone,’” Kendrick said. “And I was like, ‘Don’t even worry about it, girl! I’m a professional.’ And then I proceeded to do my best impression of a functioning adult ― and I’m still doing it!”

Just a few years later, Kendrick landed one of her first on-screen roles in 2007’s “Rocket Science,” when she was 19. The now-31-year-old also had her first on-screen kiss in the movie. 

“I kissed a boy who was 15 or 16 so I felt pretty creepy,” Kendrick admitted. 

These days, the actress is sharing the screen with Ben Affleck in “The Accountant” and Justin Timberlake in “Trolls,” the latter of whom is a little closer to her in age (and probably a little less creepy). She’s also got her first book on the way, called Scrappy Little Nobody, which hits shelves this November. 



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