Anna Kendrick Recalls That 'Confusing' Time She Visited A Sexy Haunted House

"So you’re confused, you’re feeling new feelings, it’s alarming."

Anna Kendrick once left a haunted house feeling all sorts of confused, she’s revealed.

The “Pitch Perfect” star ended up more turned on than terrified during a visit to a spooky attraction in Los Angeles, she said on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” on Friday.

“I went to a haunted house that was more like creepy images, and it’s kind of like getting under your skin but you don’t know exactly why,” recalled Kendrick.

“But then it was kind of sexy too, kind of a sexy scary,” the actress added. “So you’re confused, you’re feeling new feelings, it’s alarming.”

Kendrick said she approached the“really hot” actors afterward to say hello. But she was surprised when they revealed they weren’t actually hitting on her during her walkabout, they were just acting.

“Part of the show, well done,” she quipped.

Check it out in the clip above.

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