Anna Kendrick Twists Twitter Hack Into 1 Silver Lining

The "Pitch Perfect" actor joked about the "fun thing" that came out of the brief breach of privacy.

In a year full of isolation and loneliness, Anna Kendrick found a way to connect with people. Just not quite in the way she anticipated.

The “Pitch Perfect” star was hacked on Twitter over the weekend for around a half an hour, before the compromised tweets were taken down. She joked that the incident allowed her to resume contact with people from her past.

“Well, the fun thing about getting my Twitter briefly hacked is that people I hadn’t heard from in years reached out to let me know,” Kendrick quipped on Tuesday.

“So, I guess thank you to my hacker for a little anxiety, and for getting me back in touch with my high school friend James. Cheers.”

Kendrick also praised late night Showtime host The Kid Mero, aka Joel Martinez, for alerting her when her Twitter account was compromised.

“Also shout out to the FIRST person to get me in touch with someone from Twitter before anyone else managed to do anything helpful @THEKIDMERO,” the actor exclaimed. “What a fucking legend.”

The “Simple Favor” star appeared on Mero and Desus Nice’s show, “Desus & Mero,” last August, which saw the three take a tour of the Bronx.

While it’s been difficult to do much of anything amid the coronavirus pandemic ― save for the occasional Twitter hacking ― Kendrick reunited with her “Pitch Perfect” co-stars in August for a cause.

The Barden Bellas joined forces to cover Beyonce’s 2011 hit, “Love On Top,” to benefit UNICEF.

Luckily, Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgens, who play dynamic duo Gail Abernathy-McKadden-Feinberg and John Smith in the films, also reprised their roles for the video:

Consider us pitch-slapped.

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