Anna-Maria Sviatko Creates Dollhouses With Modern Miniatures That Totally Trick The Eye (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Let's just say Barbie may be more comfortable on that couch than we would.

Last month, our editor came across some Flickr photos of dollhouse furniture that totally blew our minds. These little "rooms" looked so much like the real thing, we had to do a double take. And when we visited Anna-Maria Sviatko's image feed again, we were even more impressed by some of her latest additions.

Sviatko, or "The Shopping Sherpa" as she calls herself on her blog, has been collecting 20th century dollhouses and "modern miniatures" for years. In the video interview above she states "I'm a frustrated interior designer probably." But, she says the best part about tiny furniture versus the real thing is "if I don't like something I can stick it in a box and put it under the bed." We're especially obsessed with her tiny midcentury classic designs, like an itty-bitty Eames lounge chair.

Watch the video to see more of her collection, and scroll through a few of her designs that we definitely had to look at twice. Or three times.

Click through the slideshow for even more of her designs.

Anna-Maria Sviatko

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