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Ballerina Makes Spectacular Return To Stage After Tumor Left Her Blind, Paralyzed

A young ballerina is dancing her way through a remarkable recovery.

Anna Mott, a talented young dancer, has made a remarkable return to the stage after a brain tumor in 2012 left her blind and partially paralyzed, WXIA reports. The 18-year-old from Marietta, Georgia, has undergone a multitude of treatments since her diagnosis, and ballet has proven to be among the most powerful.

"This is honestly the best I have felt in the past three years, “ Mott told the local news outlet after her comeback performance.

Throughout her life, Mott has been a dedicated and avid dancer, and was a pre-professional ballerina at the age of 16, her family describes on the support Facebook page, “Anna’s Prayer Warriors.” In August, 2012, after waking up with a terrible headache, Mott was taken for a CT scan that revealed a pineoblastoma brain tumor. She underwent 32 radiations followed by intense chemotherapy, which she completed in 2013. Since then, Mott has remained cancer free and has used ballet to help her heal.

“While we were in the inpatient rehab unit they said that her ballet training totally helped her bounce back quicker and overcome lots of things others without it most likely would not,” Mott’s mother, Melissa, told Gwinnett Daily Post. “They said her excellent physical shape made all the difference.”

Ballet was worked into Mott’s therapy and helped her regain control after left side paralysis, the Post reported. Her recovery is visible in her graceful movements as she dances, as shown in the video above. Mott remains positive as she heals, telling WXIA, “No matter what happens to you in life, you can do anything."

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