Anna Paquin Reacts To Concerned Fans After Using A Cane In Public

The actor made headlines this week when she appeared on the red carpet with a black walking stick.

Anna Paquin has heard the concern from many of her fans and appreciates their support.

The “True Blood” actor walked with a black cane Wednesday in New York City at the premiere of her new film “A Bit of Light,” spawning anxiety among onlookers. Paquin is now trying to dispel worries about her condition — with gracious appreciation.

“I am extraordinarily touched and moved by people showing that they care and being interested and kind about it,” she said in a story published Friday by Entertainment Tonight.

“At some point I will probably elaborate on my own platform in my own words,” she added. “I’m just really grateful for the support.”

Paquin has been private about her undisclosed condition, but a source told ET that she’s been navigating mobility issues and speech difficulties recently.

“It hasn’t been easy,” the actor told People. ET and People each cited a source saying that that she will hopefully make a full recovery.

In “A Bit of Light,” directed by husband Stephen Moyer, Paquin plays an alcoholic mother, Ella, who lost custody of her daughters.

“Not everyone ends up having the journey with motherhood that they have hoped or had planned,” she told People. “We’re all flawed and imperfect, and Ella is kind of on some level repeating some sort of familial patterns as far as stuffing feelings down.”

Anna Paquin, left, and Stephen Moyer worked together on "A Bit of Light."
Anna Paquin, left, and Stephen Moyer worked together on "A Bit of Light."
Evan Agostini/Invision/Associated Press

“She’s quite a broken character and she’s quite a broken soul,” Moyer said of Ella, according to ET.

He said that Paquin was “the first person that I immediately thought of” for the part, since “there are very few people that I’ve ever had in my orbit who I knew would go down the rabbit hole of complexity that the character of Ella needed to inhabit.”

According to Moyer, “A Bit of Light” reminds viewers that they can “get through” difficult parts of life and “exist again.”

“It’s been a difficult three, four years for everybody on the planet,” he said, per ET. “So I think that the film represents that little bit of hope that we all sort of need sometimes for whatever… it is that you’re going through.”

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