The 'True Blood' Sex Scene Mishap That Drove Anna Paquin Crazy

"True Blood" fans know the series has no shortage of sexy scenes to sink their teeth into, but what's it like to be in front of the camera during those scintillating moments?

Star Anna Paquin dropped by HuffPost Live on Tuesday to discuss the show's seventh and final season and share the inside scoop on shooting those potentially-awkward intimate scenes, including the time her real-life husband Stephen Moyer directed one of Sookie's sexy trysts. Paquin said things are usually completely comfortable on set, but she told host Alyona Minkovski about one instance where things got weird:

We had one director once, who will remain nameless, who was so uncomfortable that he couldn't even say the word 'breast.' It was me and [Alexander Skarsgård], and he was kissing me on the neck at the time, and [the director] was like, 'Okay, kiss her neck. Now kiss her lower neck. Now kiss her lower, lower, lower neck.' I was like, 'Dude, it's breasts.' Come on, this is, like, season four of 'True Blood.' We can say 'breasts.' Or 'tits.' Or whatever.

Check out the full HuffPost Live conversation with Anna Paquin below.



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