Anna Sui 'Fairy Dance' Perfume Ad Is Like A Magical Pink Unicorn Land (PHOTOS)

Anna Sui's new fragrance is reminding us a little of a Britney Spears perfume.

Fragrantica tipped us off to Sui's newest scent Fairy Dance, which is a twist on her extant Secret Wish perfumes.

The ads, starring model Frida Gustavsson as a whimsical fairy, are bursting with pink and peach and crochet and sparkles and flowers and, yeah, it's a lot to take in. We kept hunting around the ad, wondering if Hannah Montana were going to pop up.

Fairy Dance Secret Wish, which will be out in February, contains notes of raspberry, mango and pink pepper, intense rose flowers supported with peony and bamboo, sandalwood, vanilla and vetiver. The new scent is part of Sui's larger "Magic Rose Fairy" campaign, which greets you when you click on the "Fragrance" section of her website with a panflute melody and a fairy icon that flits around following your mouse cursor.

It's not like Anna's fragrances have ever given off a more unisex cool, a la CK1; previous scents have names like "Dolly Girl" and "Sui Dreams." We also love how she makes fashion fun, like instructing her runway models to actually smile. But still, this scent looks like a little too saccharine for our tastes -- although we'd totally get it for our kid sister.

Check out the new scent below, and find out when it's launching over at Fragrantica.