Anya Taylor-Joy Of 'Queen's Gambit' Discovered She Was Famous In Most COVID-Era Way

"I honestly couldn't believe it," she told Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show"

Anya Taylor-Joy earned some recognition by starring in “Emma” and a few horror movies, but her turn as a 1960s American chess champion in “The Queen’s GambitNetflix series put her on the fast track to celebrity. (See the video below.)

The actor said on “The Late Show” Tuesday that she confronted her exploding fame after shooting a project in Ireland, where she was “too isolated” to realize the impact the drama had made.

“Then when I came back home to London I went for a walk with my mask and my beanie, and the amount of people that stopped me from just this,” she told host Stephen Colbert, framing her eyes. “I honestly couldn’t believe it, and I think it’s gonna take some time to get used to.”

“But luckily everyone’s so kind. They just really enjoyed the show and they want to talk about Beth and I am up for that,” she added.

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