Alabama Woman Is Frightened After Zombie Teeth Get Stuck In Her Mouth

“They wouldn’t budge," she lamented. "I even took a pair of wire clippers and cut the tips off of those.”

It’s not Halloween yet, but one Alabama woman has already had the fright of her life.

Anna Tew was planning to be a zombie for the haunting holiday and spent $3 on a pair of fake teeth for the costume.

The zombie teeth attached to her regular chompers with adhesive, but she became unglued when she realized the fake teeth were stuck.

“I was trying to remove them then because they were just tight,” Tew told WKRG TV. “They wouldn’t budge. I even took a pair of wire clippers and cut the tips off of those.”

Tew couldn’t eat or drink because of the fake teeth but tried drinking hot coffee hoping the heat would loosen the glue.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.

“I drooled hot coffee, I guess you could say,” she told McClatchy News. “They wouldn’t budge. I’m panicking. Of course I’d had a few panic attacks by this point. I tried to sleep, wasn’t no sleeping.”

In the morning, she attempted to get out of the sticky situation by making an emergency dental appointment.

But the solution wasn’t quickly found.

“They looked and pulled a little bit, and they were like, ‘Well, we’re going to have to use a saw or cut it off in sections or drill it off.’ They really didn’t know what to do,” Tew told McClatchy.

Tew couldn’t be numbed during the appointment because the dentist feared her teeth might get pulled out by mistake.

“So he went in and picked and pulled and I squealed like a baby and they got them out,” she told WKRG TV.

The dentist, Dr. John Murphy, told the station that the gums can sometimes cause something to adhere to the teeth and get stuck.

Tew’s teeth are back to their pre-zombie state, and she has learned a valuable, if scary, life lesson from the ordeal.

“I will never do it again,” she told the station. “I will never put anything like that again in my mouth.”

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