Anna Wintour '60 Minutes' Interview Goes Up Against The Super Bowl (VIDEO)

Anna Wintour vs. The Super Bowl: A Battle For The Ages

And in the other corner: Anna Wintour.

Needless to say, this will be a close call. When Anna Wintour's "60 Minutes" episode faces Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday night, February 5, the ratings battle will be a bit of a David and Goliath situation, with our poor Vogue editrix slinging stones (a.k.a. dismissive, soul-crushing critiques of your taste/work/worth in this world) at the giant that is, well, the Giants vs. the Patriots.

Wintour's interview is just one of three in "60 Minutes Presents": Three Remarkable Women. At 8:00 PM on Sunday, Morley Safer will sit down with Anna, Dolly Parton and Vogue covergirl Meryl Streep. All are the epitome of professional success, representing the most famous women in their respective fields.

Unfortunately, all that awe-inspiring fame and success will probably go unwatched, as millions of football fans (and those who just come for the free food) will tune in to watch large men in tight pants tackle each other senselessly.

However... if you are among those who, like us, are seriously torn between these two epic TV events, here's a helpful list of reasons why you should watch...


- Because Anna will be wearing something totally gorgeous and enviable (probably made by Prada)
- Because it's fun to see Vogue staffers quake in their Louboutins
- Because the viewing snacks are inevitably healthier (no beer/buffalo wings/chips and dip required)
- Because you'll also get to see the fabulous Dolly and Meryl
- Because Anna will give you that glare if you don't


- Because Tom Brady is really, really, ridiculously good looking
- Because of one very important person: Gisele!!
- Because of the aforementioned tight pants
- Because Madonna will perform "Vogue" at halftime
- Because if you don't, you'll sound stupid the next day

If, just by chance, you choose to forgo Anna Wintour's 20 minutes with Morley Safer, here's a sneak peek.


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