Anna Wintour Throws Some Serious Shade In '73 Questions'

Anna Wintour Throws Some Serious Shade In '73 Questions'

Oh, Anna Wintour. You never cease to amaze us with your classic style, multi-tasking skills and ability to throw some serious shade.

Vogue's Editor-In-Chief appears in the latest installment of the glossy's "73 Questions With" series, where she is asked everything from her guilty pleasure (watching "Homeland") to her least favorite word in fashion ("journey.") In true Wintour fashion, she answers every question succinctly and with just a touch of sass.

The video, which is mostly shot from behind that famous head of hair, serves not only as a rare peek into Wintour's brain, but as an equally rare tour of Vogue's New York offices.

Admittedly, our favorite parts are also the ones where the most shade is thrown. Like:

When she couldn't hear the question

anna cant hear

When she just couldn't stand talking to Karlie Kloss anymore

karlie says journey

When she revealed the reason she wears sunglasses

hiding from you

When she wants to know if the interview is over

is it over

When she admits which rumors about her are true

all true

And when she refuses to take a selfie

no selfie

We'll let you watch the whole LOL-worthy video for yourself above. Now, excuse us while we play the video on repeat all day.

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