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Anna Wintour Changes Twice Onboard Airplane Flight From NYC To LA

Diva alert (or just Anna Wintour alert, I suppose): Anna Wintour reportedly changed outfits twice on a flight from New York to Los Angeles.

Wintour boarded her commercial flight in a Louis Vuitton dress.

Nice, right?

Well, once the plane took off she made a quick change in the bathroom. Guess she likes to be a bit more comfy when flying, because she returned to her seat wearing a pair of J Brand jeans and "a cute top," according to a fellow passenger.

But then, shortly before the plane landed, she dashed into the bathroom. Yup, she slid back into her seat wearing the Louis Vuitton dress.

Other things that happened:
  • Wintour never removed her sunglasses.
  • The baggage carousel had to be fully stopped for one of Wintour's assistants to fetch her luggage.

Wait, so...Anna Wintour flies commercial? In a regular old, plebeian airplane like the rest of us riff-raff? I guess she WAS willing to be seen wearing the same Balenciaga dress twice recently, so maybe Anna's turning over a new, humble leaf. Then again, we've never changed twice on one flight before.

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