Stupid Human Trick Still Awesome (And Doable) After All These Years

This woman's jaw-dropping skill won her a slice of fame on David Letterman's show.

A woman who demonstrated a "stupid human trick" on the "Late Show With David Letterman" 22 years ago wants to show the world she's still got it.

In 1994, New Jersey resident Annabella Almeida appeared on Letterman's show to demonstrate a remarkable talent.

Almeida, who was in high school at the time, was able to spit gum out of her mouth and then suck it back in with what appears to be remarkable lung power.

Here's the original segment:

Almeida recently filmed the video at the top in an attempt to show her lungs are as strong as ever.

But some people are skeptical about Almeida's suction ability.

One user on Reddit named "CuckerBull" speculated Almeida is actually tying a thread of fishing line to her widows peak.

"She chews the gum onto the end of it, it pops out and pendulums back in," he said.

Is she? Maybe this gif of her doing the trick will provide a clue.

Still not sure? How about this one from the original David Letterman appearance that is in slow motion.



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