These Dope Handbags Are Designed To Mask The Smell Of Weed

But they do come with high-style prices.

If you are a stoner, there is a little part of your resin-encrusted soul that flickers like a sparked lighter whenever you score some really skunky bud. But sometimes transporting that pungent pot from point A to B totally blows.

If you’re a lady with this particular problem, however, you’re in luck. A company called AnnaBís creates handbags that are designed to disguise the smell of weed.

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The cannabis-loving company uses something called “Odor-Loc Technology,” which, according to their site, “consists of odor-blocking layers of resin film.” The purses also have lots of secret compartments where you can hole up a stash (or various marijuana paraphernalia). Some of these hiding spots are also sealed with an airtight zipper “so the scent of the cannabis stays where it belongs.”

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The bags, which vary in style from clutches to drawstring bucket bags, are “crafted from fine leathers” and “designed by people who sketch for Isaac Mizrahi, Coach and Federated.”

They also cost $120 to $295, which -- let’s be blunt -- is pretty pricey. You can buy an ounce of top-shelf marijuana, like OG Kush in California, for just $243 and still have $52 left over to buy a mini airtight container (with a built-in grinder!) on Amazon and everything on Taco Bell’s menu for that amount of money.

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But hey, some may like the idea of getting high while rocking one of the company’s four high styles -- The Melissa Multi-case, The Whoopee Vape Case and The Chelsea Cross Body.

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“We believe women will be the most powerful and important force in the legalization and medical use of marijuana, and their wants and needs should not be overlooked,” Jeanine Moss, who co-founded the company with Ann Shuch, told Mashable.

Now if only the company could create a handbag that deters men from following women down the street late at night, that would fulfill a much greater need.

Check out this gift guide for AnnaBis bags and other great products for cannabis enthusiasts:

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