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AnnaSophia Robb on Role Models, Character Development and Inspiring Our Youth

I believe the millennial generation is in good hands with someone like AnnaSophia amongst them as a mirror of goodness. It was refreshing to hear such a kind, grounded, strong, and wise young woman share so much wisdom.
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AnnaSophia Robb is a well-known actress with over twenty film and TV credits including Soul Surfer, Bridge To Terabithia, The Way Way Back and The Carrie Diaries. In our interview she shares her insights about being a role model and the impact of film.

I was introduced to AnnaSophia through her involvement with one of her (and my) favorite charities. TrueSpark is a non-profit that engages youth through the use of educational curriculum and inspiring mainstream movies to develop 24 different positive character traits (full list here) such as courage, empathy, leadership, and responsibility. TrueSpark has already provided almost 40,000 experiences in classrooms and after-school programs around the United States.

TrueSpark offers questions to a young person so they can start to cultivate themselves consciously and TrueSpark brings important conversations to light so kids can express themselves and learn. -- AnnaSophia Robb from TrueSpark's celebrity call-to-action video


Films have a great way of entertaining, inspiring, and educating audiences and movie characters can serve as role models who exhibit positive character traits that youth can emulate. AnnaSophia Robb is a great fit for a charity like TrueSpark because she depicts many of these traits in her on-screen roles, such as perseverance, courage and trust when she played Bethany Hamilton in Soul Surfer. During our time together it became clear to me that she also exhibits her own unique spark, not only as a talented young actress but as a role model too.

AnnaSophia, what top two character traits do you feel you embody?
My strengths are honesty and curiosity. With honesty, I've learned that it's important to know the right time to share the truth. Growing up I was taught by my parents that I could do or be anything I chose. My parents always encouraged and supported my natural curiosity through exploration. In school, I loved to ask questions and wanted to know why the world worked the way it did. I believe it's helpful for all kids to ask questions and figure out what they believe. They can seek to change things when they see why the world is a certain way.

Who has been a great role model for you in terms of character?
My mom has been a great role model for me, as well as my grandfather who is full of integrity, honesty, and kindness. I also learn a lot from my boyfriend who is so patient and a great listener.

How do you see yourself as a positive role model for youth?
I try to stay true to myself and notice when I feel pressured and then I check in with myself. I write letters to myself so that I fully understand my goals, my center, and my own life model. I believe it's important to check in with what is truly in my heart and to live from there, rather than from a place of wanting to just satisfy others.

I am respectful of others wishes, but I also have my own guiding light and I have to be true to myself. We can always push ourselves and raise the bar and I expect that all kids can do great things. I believe in our youth the way my parents believed in and supported me.

What do you want to see the millennial generation doing more of?
I'd love to see the millennial generation cultivate more patience and reliability -- and I'm working on this as well. It becomes overwhelming with all the options and technology we have but following through is important and so is being known as a man or woman of your word. Demonstrating true friendship, integrity, and dedication to your commitments are all positive character traits that will benefit society.

I believe the millennial generation is in good hands with someone like AnnaSophia amongst them as a mirror of goodness. It was refreshing to hear such a kind, grounded, strong, and wise young woman share so much wisdom. It also made me proud of organizations like TrueSpark and my own start-up, Synergy TV, for showcasing these inspiring films and role models that are changing the world for the better. The leaders of our future are our youth, and they all need tools that empower, inspire, and support them in their character development so they become the best versions of themselves.
Kate Neligan

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