Anne Almasy Speaks Out About Weddings Unveiled Controversy (VIDEO)

An Atlanta wedding photographer made headlines earlier this week when she revealed that Weddings Unveiled magazine rejected an ad she submitted because it featured a photo of a lesbian couple. After Anne Almasy, the photographer, blogged about her experience, Weddings Unveiled issued an apology and offered to run the proposed ad.

On Tuesday, Almasy spoke out about her experience on HuffPost Live:

"Thankfully the outcome is incredibly positive, more so than I ever could have dreamed of," Almasy said. "[The editors and I] shared a view on marriage equality and they were just intimidated and apprehensive of using the ad because of backlash they could receive, and I'm just glad in the end they decided to follow their hearts and let their personal views guide their business decisions."

Watch the video above to hear more Almasy's thoughts on the controversy.

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