Anne Finucane: Nobody Wants To Go Home And Have To Defend Their Company

Anne Finucane, global CMO at Bank of America, said her company has made changes in order to provide employees with more pride over their company.

"Nobody wants to go home for Thanksgiving or a wedding or a birthday party and feel they're defending their company," Finucane told HuffPost Live at Davos on Friday. "They want to be proud of their company."

"So we really had to sit and get real on this and talk about, well, what is our purpose?" she added.

Finucane said Bank of America quit looking at social responsibility as philanthropy, instead adjusting employment practices, business practices, environmental practices and more to help better reflect the values of employees.

Finucane also told HuffPost about how she stays focused at work, saying she always tries "to be centered."

"Being centered is very important and accepting who you are with your flaws... I walk a lot, I read a lot and I let go. I let go of things," Finucane added.

Below, live updates from the 2015 Davos Annual Meeting: