Anne Hathaway's Katie Holmes Impression: Actress Hasn't Heard From Holmes Since 'SNL' Skit (VIDEO)

Anne Hathaway hopes Katie Holmes can take a joke.

Last month, the "Les Miserables" star hosted "Saturday Night Live" for the third time, bringing back her hilarious impression of Holmes. Hathaway nailed Holmes' mannerisms in the sketch, as she chatted with Ellen Degeneres (played by SNL's Kate McKinnon) to promote the actress' role in the Broadway play "Dead Accounts."

Naturally, when Hathaway appeared on the real "Ellen Show," on Dec. 17, she took the opportunity to clear the air and let the former "Dawson's Creek" star know the impression comes from a place of love.

"I have not heard from Katie [since the "SNL" sketch aired]," Hathaway told DeGeneres. "What I really wanted to have happen, because this is the second time I've done Katie ... I wanted Katie to come on the show and do me, and I wanted to do this rap about how awesome I think Katie Holmes is."

If it wasn't clear that she's a fan of the actress, she continued: "[Katie] is on Broadway, and killing it on Broadway, so she was busy."

Holmes wasn't the only actress that Hathaway parodied during her latest gig as "SNL" host, but she did have the go-ahead from Claire Danes before she attempted an impression of Danes' character on "Homeland."

"I did talk to Claire Danes. I talked to her before I did it just to get her blessing, and she just said, 'Go for it,'" she told DeGeneres. "For me with Katie and Claire," she added, "it's all done from so much love."

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