Anne Hathaway's Katie Holmes Impression Returns To 'SNL' (VIDEO)

Anne Hathaway hosted "Saturday Night Live" for the third time last night and brought back her spot-on impression of actress Katie Holmes.

In the sketch, Hathaway appears as Holmes who chats with Ellen Degeneres (played by SNL's Kate McKinnon) to promote the actress' role in the Broadway play "Dead Accounts."

"Great to be here, Ellen -- it's great to be anywhere right now ... If you read Us Weekly, you know that Suri and I spend every waking moment at the zoo," she said, poking fun at the paparazzi's obsession with Holmes and her daughter, adding that the photographers are just doing their jobs but, "if they come near my daughter I will cut them."

It's not the first time Hathaway has pulled out her Holmes impression for "SNL." Back in 2010 she appeared as the "Dawson's Creek" star who was being interviewed on Vanessa Bayer's "The Miley Cyrus Show" sketch, and though she nailed the actress' weird half-smile and penchant for bobbing her head while she talks, she claimed she wasn’t actually mimicking Holmes.

“I was a teenager when Dawson’s Creek was airing, and I was a pretty avid fan, so it just sort of came from that,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in 2010, adding, “It wasn’t really Katie Holmes; it was more [her Creek character] Joey Potter.”



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