Anne Hathaway Admits It Was Hard 'To Be Taken Seriously' After 'Princess Diaries'

The actress tells HuffPost Live it was a struggle to be considered for parts that weren't princesses.

Anne Hathaway has been heralded for her ability to transform into everything from a Vogue assistant to a French Revolution-era prostitute to Catwoman, but it was a fear of being typecast after the mega-success of her debut film, 2001's "The Princess Diaries," that inspired the actress to explore such a variety of roles, she told HuffPost Live in a conversation on Tuesday.

"'The Princess Diaries' was so cool in so many ways, because it was a great first job -- it was a big hit -- but at the same time, it was a hard thing to be like, 'Robert Rodriguez, I swear I can do one of your movies!'" Hathaway said. "It was hard to get into rooms to be taken seriously for roles that weren't princesses, so I think partially that was why I've tried to have as big a range as I have."

The Academy Award-winner, who currently stars in "The Intern," said her success as an actress has been "such a lovely surprise."

"I've worked very hard for it, but I'm so surprised that it's going as well as it is," she added. 

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