Why Is Everyone Hating On Anne Hathaway At 2013 Oscars? (TWEETS, GIF)

Why Does Everyone Hate Anne Hathaway?

We're honestly baffled.

We do understand that Anne Hathaway is not everyone's cup of tea (who is, aside from George Clooney?!), but the hate being unleashed upon our poor Fantine is unprecedented. Or at the very least, unwarranted. She's excited, exuberant, peppy -- is it really all that intolerable?

So of course tonight of all nights, a night in which Anne goes home with an Academy Award in hand for Best Supporting Actress, the torches are burning hotter than ever. Her nipple-y Prada dress hasn't done much to assuage the backlash, nor was quoting her mother's saying "It's business in front, party in the back!"

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Omar Baksh / Dianna McDougall [AOL]

Within minutes of Anne's red carpet stint, a Twitter account by the handle of @HathawayNipples opened up and quickly garnered over 1,000 followers. Meanwhile, tweeters everywhere shot 140-characters darts of venom towards the pixie cut, wide grinned actress.

So how bad is it out there for the newlywed 30-year-old? Oh, it's bad...

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