Anne Heche Had Cocaine In Her System During Car Crash: Reports

The actor is in critical condition after crashing her car into two Los Angeles homes.

Anne Heche had cocaine in her system at the time of her fiery car crash last week, police sources told the Los Angeles Times and TMZ on Thursday.

The reports accompany a statement from the Los Angeles Police Department that confirmed Heche, who is in a coma following the crash, had drugs in her system when she crashed her car into two Mar Vista neighborhood residences and may face legal repercussions.

“In preliminary testing, the blood draw revealed the presence of drugs,” the LAPD statement said. “The case is being investigated as felony DUI traffic collision.”

Charred debris and caution tape are seen at the site where Anne Heche crashed her car.
Charred debris and caution tape are seen at the site where Anne Heche crashed her car.
CHRIS DELMAS via Getty Images

However, LAPD spokesperson Officer Annie Hernandez told the LA Times that while the blood test showed narcotics in Heche’s system, the department needs to perform further testing to check if those blood panels were affected by any medications given to her at the hospital where she’s being treated.

LAPD did not immediately respond to requests to confirm the presence of cocaine, which can show up in a person’s blood test up to two days after using it.

A representative for Heche, 53, said Monday that the comatose actor is in “extreme critical condition” following her collision and “has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention.

Lynne Mishele, who lived in one of the properties Heche crashed into, spoke out through her lawyer following the incident.

“Ms. Mishele is devastated by what happened to her on Friday — not only because she and her pets almost lost their lives, but because all of her property, including items of profound sentimental value, were destroyed,” her lawyer, Shawn Holley, said in a statement.

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