Anne-Marie Slaughter: 'Women Actually Have More Choices Than Men'

Anne-Marie Slaughter, President and CEO of the New America Foundation, told HuffPost Live at Davos she thinks women have more choices than men.

"All the structures of society are focused on men as breadwinners. The way we measure a man's worth is how much money he makes, how much power he amasses," Slaughter said.

"It took decades to allow women to compete," she continued. "Women actually have more choices than men."

"No one's saying to boys, 'Hey, what you want to look for in life is, you want to have a great job and a [good family],'" Slaughter said.

Slaughter penned a blog for WorldPost on the subject, saying "[w]e should allow and encourage men to care just as much as we allow and encourage women to compete."

In her interview with HuffPost Live, Slaughter shared a similar view when it comes to business. Slaughter said it's important for people in business to take care of each other and pursue goals other than producing a profit.

"We think of growth in terms of getting bigger and bigger and bigger, we don't think of growth in terms of a closed loop," Slaughter said. "You do want to produce, but you want lots of people to be able to produce, you want to recycle that."

"So we have this linear model where you just get bigger and bigger and bigger but at some point that just can't work," Slaughter continued.

Slaughter said societies need to be the same way as a parent, empowering citizens to grow and prosper though change.

"Caring is about the other person. Caring is not about my winning, it's about my enabling my children to be happy, productive adults. It's empowering them," Slaughter said.

Watch Slaughter's interview above, and see updates from Davos below: