Anneliese Young, 82, Accused Of Stealing 'Sexiest Fantasies' Body Spray

82-Year-Old Woman Accused Of Stealing 'Sexiest Fantasies' Body Spray

An 82-year-old is facing the stench of a criminal record after allegedly stealing a bottle of "Sexiest Fantasies" perfume.

Deputies in Richmond County, Georgia, arrested Anneliese Young on Jan. 27, after she entered a CVS store and an employee allegedly saw her put a bottle of "Sexiest Fantasies" perfume into her purse, The Smoking Gun reports.

Young allegedly walked out of the drug store without paying for the $7.39 body spray. She was followed by an employee, the Metro reported.

When the employee confronted Young, the suspect allegedly handed her the bottle of "Sexiest Fantasies."

The employee then called the Richmond County Sheriff's Office and told officers she wanted to press charges against the octogenarian, the Daily Mail reports.

Young was taken to the Richmond County Jail and booked on a charge of larceny and later released.

Young is accused of stealing the brand's "Fireworks" scent, which is described by the manufacturer as "a burst of sensuality as plump wild strawberries, succulent peaches and voluptuous vanilla come together."

According to, it promises to be “as addictive and seductive as the woman who wears it.”

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