Annie Stensrud Is Worse For Wear During Broadcast [UPDATED] (VIDEO)

WATCH: Is This Anchor Drunk?

Oh dear. Poor Annie Stensrud.

The anchor at local KEYC in Minnesota was clearly the worse for wear during a recent broadcast -- slurring her words, tripping up over her lines, and generally looking like she was about to throw up any moment. A potential culprit? A bout of unfortunate public intoxication. Some bloggers leapt to that conclusion right away. Whatever the cause of Stensrud's discomfort, it was definitely not her best day.

UPDATE, 12/8: A member of Stensrud's family contacted The Huffington Post to say that Stensrud was suffering from a severe illness during the broadcast, but felt she had to go on the air because there was nobody available to take her place.

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