Big 'Covert Affairs' Death? (VIDEO)

Things took a surprising turn on the midseason finale of "Covert Affairs" when Annie Walker was shot and killed in the line of duty. With Calder's people watching on a monitor, a hitman shot Annie and then reported, "Operative Walker is dead. I repeat, Annie Walker is dead.”

“It had to be done," Calder said.

But it wasn't actually done at all. Annie teamed up with Auggie and Eyal to fake her death at the hands of Calder. This means that when the show returns, Annie will be on the run and out of the CIA. That should make for a very intense and different feel for the show.

It also would explain why the blonde star of the show, Piper Perabo, has been spotted lately with a much darker 'do. Perabo spoke with Zap2It where she explained why Annie had to "die."

"Annie has gotten into so much trouble that the only way to protect the people she cares about is to fake her own death," Perabo explained.

TV Fanatic's Carla Day is hoping she's not "dead" to everyone. "I wouldn't count out Annie finding a way to communicate with Auggie," she wrote. "Helen did have Arthur to back her up even though she was supposedly dead too ... If she's in a dire situation, she does have people that she can count on.”

Now "dead," Annie nevertheless returns to action when Season 4 of "Covert Affairs" continues on October 17.

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