Announcing HuffPost Green: Our New Eco-News and Opinion Section

When we picked June 4th as the launch day for HuffPost's new Green section, little did we know the Democratic nomination would be decided just the night before.

So today, as well as celebrating the culmination of a historic primary race, we here at HuffPost are also celebrating the kick-off of HuffPost Green.

Ever since we launched HuffPost, environmental issues have been a significant part of our focus -- indeed, part of our DNA. In fact, long before HuffPost was even a twinkle in our eye, I was championing, via the Detroit Project, the need to push the nation's energy policy in a more sustainable direction -- better both for our environment and our national security.

And our HuffPost community has made it clear that you are interested in learning about -- and talking about -- living in a more environmentally-friendly way.

So as we continue the Huffington Post's expansion, creating a go-to destination for the latest and most useful Green content was a logical next step.

HuffPost Green features up-to-the-minute news stories, blog posts, video, and community forums. The focus is on eco news and trends -- from the latest scientific findings and environmental legislation to the latest green lifestyle tips. The section will also feature advice on sustainable investing and highlight eco-friendly businesses such as renewable energy, green building, recycling and organics.

While bringing about real change is critically important -- we don't think going green has to be like taking your medicine. So don't expect any finger-wagging (well, not too much anyway). We're not interested in being greener-than-thou -- just greener today than yesterday. Our philosophy is pretty simple: it's not about some people doing everything, but everyone doing something to make the world a more sustainable and better place to live.

And to ensure that we are bringing you the smartest, freshest, and most useful green content, we have partnered with two of the world's premiere green media brands -- Discovery's popular sustainable-living website,, and Planet Green, Discovery's 24-hour eco-lifestyle television network.

TreeHugger will provide its blend of timely blog postings, video features, news items, and forums where users can interact. Planet Green will contribute highlights of its original green lifestyle programming -- content for people of all ages and backgrounds. And our editors will infuse this green mix with the usual HuffPost style and attitude.

So please click here to check it out. And, most importantly, send us any ideas you have for HuffPost Green, including any green news items you think our readers would like to see.