Announcing My Online Health Insurance Marketplace Resource Center

Once the president signed into law the health reform bill that I helped write and pass, we finally achieved a path to bring reliable health insurance to millions of Americans. During the open enrollment period now, all those who previously couldn't afford health insurance or didn't qualify because of a pre-existing condition, can shop for and purchase a plan in the West Virginia Health Insurance Marketplace.

We recently learned there is a promising assessment from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, announced in an October report that of all 50 states, West Virginia is expected to benefit the most from the Affordable Care Act. In fact, our state is set to experience the greatest reduction in the number of uninsured nationwide.

This is great news for uninsured West Virginians -- but to get there we have to make sure those who qualify for new coverage sign up for a plan. To help this effort, earlier this week I launched a Health Insurance Resource Center on my Senate website,, with that goal in mind.

Located online at, the Resource Center includes: a page about the health reform law and West Virginia's Health Insurance Marketplace; a page about the newly expanded Medicaid program and who is eligible; and a detailed frequently asked questions (FAQ) page to help West Virginians as they begin to enroll in the Marketplace.

I'm so glad to provide West Virginians with this great online tool. I hope it will ease the process of signing up for a health insurance plan in West Virginia's Marketplace or enrolling in the state's expanded Medicaid program.

During this open enrollment period, I encourage all those who are uninsured or over-paying for insurance to look for a plan in the Marketplace -- and if you think you may qualify for Medicaid now, I encourage you to look into your eligibility. Your health, and the health of your family, depends on it.

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