Announcing Our Oceans, A Special HuffPost Green Project

This may be the Green Page, but for the next two weeks, you'll be seeing blue.

Today HuffPost Green is kicking off a project called Our Oceans, where we'll be bringing you in-depth coverage of all matters of challenges and threats facing oceans. Climate change is a core issue that the Green page focuses on, but many marine experts argue that the health of the seas is just as critical to the fate of our planet as the rising temperatures caused by climate change. Despite the frustrations of scientists and activists that climate change doesn't get enough political and media attention, the issues of ocean acidification, coral bleaching, overfishing, endangered sea mammals and pollution are even more hidden from public view. For the next two weeks, we'll learn together about the realities and we'll also celebrate the majesty, diversity and power of Our Oceans.

In addition to creating our own content and inviting our esteemed bloggers to write on the subject, I'll also be bringing you exclusive online media coverage of Mission Blue, TED Prize Winner Sylvia Earle's wish for the oceans. Earle, an esteemed author, professor and marine champion, is a 2010 TED prize winner. Her most recent book, 'The World Is Blue', has been hailed as the 'Silent Spring' of our age. Part of her prize is that she's granted any wish - hers is to bring activists, scientists, experts and thought-leaders together to educate them and the larger public about the challenges facing our oceans. Her 5-day conference in the Galapagos islands has the goals of raising awareness and rallying political will to create a worldwide system of marine protected areas.

HuffPost Green readers can expect photo and video coverage of both the conference and the nature expeditions, Q and A's, and blogs from participants. We will also have a Mission Blue twitter page as a one-stop shop to find out everything that's happening with the TED conference and Twitter feeds from ocean conservation groups and news organizations. Join in the conversation with the hashtag #missionblue.

This week, we're focusing on what's at stake for our oceans and why it's so important for people to care. We're starting the conversation with this slideshow on the top problems facing our oceans. Next week, in addition to the conference, our coverage will focus on further educating about and celebrating Our Oceans.

I hope you enjoy what I expect to be a fascinating and exciting two weeks of special coverage.