8 Petty Annoyances That Can Ruin A Day

Due to a brush fire and closure of a major roadway, my normal 45-minute commute home from work took several hours one day recently. I sat in gridlocked traffic inching my way along congested surface streets for hours, white-knuckled and surrounded by drivers in various stages of road rage. Horns were blasted, middle fingers were flying, and never mind any prohibition on texting and driving, everyone was on their phone (in one case I saw an iPad on the steering wheel) looking for guidance about how to get out of Armageddon, I mean the Westside of Los Angeles. When I finally reached my driveway, I was a tightly wound basket case incapable of civil speech. A brush fire had ruined my day.

The last time I remember getting that stressed out, my husband was being carted off to the hospital in an ambulance. But traffic? A traffic jam should do that to me? (In my defense, this was a traffic jam of epic proportions -- maybe even Chris Christie proportions.)

But the truth is, every day we deal with life's inconveniences, disappointments, plans gone awry, comments that wound. And some of it just gets under our skin. What gets under your skin? We asked our Huff/Post50 Facebook readers what precisely will turn their sunny day into a rainy one. And speaking of rain, we in southern California would sure like to see some of it since our fire-and road-closure season has apparently just begun.

When it comes to ruining her day, Lori A Doyle took a "set a high bar" attitude. She says it is "Kinda sad" if simple things like the drugstore running out of your hair color does it to you. Absolutely, save it for the big stuff.

But in the petty annoyances category, Debbie Palm kind of nailed it with "Assuming that just because we're Boomers we're filthy rich from inheritance. We're not!" Angelita Salas doesn't even like being called a Boomer. "I was born in 1961 and really feel I have nothing in common with someone born in 1945." You can call Brenda Cunningham whatever you like because, she says, nothing is worse than "Being invisible."

Susan Gilreath Hanks gets perturbed when strangers call her "sweetie, honey, etc." "I find it condescending," she said. And then there are the folks who object to "Sir" and "Ma'am" because it makes them feel old.

Tanya Tressler "can't stand being called OLD...I prefer elderly or just cute." And while no one is suggesting that Melinda Greer Green is inching up there in years, what ruins her day is "realizing you can't remember what day of the week it is - lol!"
Julie Concannon echoed with, "When I can't find my keys and my drives me crazy...and starts me down the path of "am I getting dementia,? which is absolutely not true (at least for now), I am just overwhelmed with multi-tasking at 50+ ya:-)" We hear you, Julie.

What ruins YOUR day? Let us know in comments.



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