Annoying Animal Sounds That Will Give You An Adorable Headache (VIDEO)

Animals can be cute, cuddly, loving, heartwarming and a whole slew of other positive adjectives, but the fact remains that they can also be as annoying as all get out. One of the chief ways they annoy (when they’re not doing it by defecating on your belongings or mauling you beyond recognition) is with a wide array of vocal calls, squawks, howls, squeaks and screams. Hey, animals, lean to speak English or get the hell out of the country, am I right?

Still convinced that animals can do no wrong? Well, take a look at the video above where we have compiled the 9 most annoying animal sounds we could find for your displeasure. As a fun game, see if you can make it through the whole video without wanting to punch your cat in the face. (Do not punch your cat in the face, you monster.)

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