The 5 Most Annoying Celebrities On Instagram (VIDEO)

It can be really fun to follow celebrities on Instagram, but it can also be super annoying. So HuffPost Celebrity asked more than 20,000 readers to name the worst offenders on social media and tell us why -- and the results are in! We count down the top five famous faces you might want to drop from your Instagram feed:

Because she's GRATUITOUS...

Miley's not Hannah Montana anymore, got it. But trying to prove that through provocative poses isn't exactly the most grown-up thing to do. Look away!

Because he's UNDERDRESSED...

Apparently he's too cool for shirts and clearly doesn't own pants that fit. Justin's photos make us feel more nagging mom than biggest fan, and that's a problem.

Because she's BORING...

Beyond a selfie here and a pierced-cheek pic there, Amanda's page is mostly filled with shots of other people's quotes. Her twitter is much more worth your time.

Because she's OVERSATURATED...

Of course there's swimsuit modeling, a duck face from every angle, and the entire Kardashian clan fully on display (minus the one we actually want to see)! Of course Kim loves attention, but come on already -- where's baby North?

And the winner (or loser?) is:

Because she's OVEREXPOSED...

She might sing "Where Have You Been," but we can see everywhere RiRi's been. This "bad gal" is always half-naked or half-baked, and we've had enough!

Did our poll get it right? Tell us your picks in the comments below!

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