These Things Would Be Deal Breakers If We Didn't Love Our Spouses So Much


Living with the love of your life can be awesome -- the nightly Netflix binges and cuddle sessions are definite pluses, not to mention the convenience of regular sex and someone to help you eat all of your Trader Joe's groceries before they go bad. But despite all the obvious perks, let's be honest: it's not always a walk in the park. Below, 11 Redditors vent about the little things that are hardest to accept about their significant others. Oh, the things we tolerate in the name of love...

1. "She leaves cups of water all around the house like the movie "Signs" was the most influential thing in her life." - Vtepes

2. "Her favorite artist is Pitbull." - weezermc78

3. "She just cannot seem to put the lid back on anything! Drives me insane. Milk, nail polish, you name it. I can't tell you how many things I've spilled." - Lukemaccc

4. "No matter what I feed him, he will always fart like a trombone in the morning." - LicianDragon

5. "She keeps ketchup in the pantry after opening. The power struggle over ketchup storage raged on for our entire first year of marriage. I don't think I have to tell you who won that battle... *Eats hot ketchup and sobs*." - socially_bereaved

6. "She pours her milk before her cereal." - phinsa123

7. "She thinks that if she opens her mouth to speak, at normal volume, in any room, I should be able to hear her, no matter where in the house I am, or what I'm doing (brushing teeth, cleaning dishes, water running, etc)." - mdavwa

8. "He doesn't like cheese and will never watch my favorite shows. I love to cook for him, but having every meal be without cheese is like the seasons with no summer. Like rock 'n roll without a drummer." - wonderpickle2147

9. "He's stronger and will always win when stealing the covers." - aredditorsgf

10. "She signs up for everything! Even the giveaways that are obviously just trying to send you junk mail. Drives me crazy how full our mailbox is sometimes." - Spreknor

11. "She gets cold really easily -- which would not normally be too bad [except for the fact that] I get warm really easily... Also, to all the hot boyfriends and girlfriends: The technique I have perfected is to sleep with a foot or a leg out of the blankets and on the particularly warm nights, cuddle through the blankets." - Ltjenkins

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