Annual White House Correspondents Weekend event honors Dog Tag Bakery

All my life, I have tried to do what my father always told me - find a niche where people are not doing what needs to be done and try to fill it.

Dog Tag Bakery, when it opens its first location in Washington, DC later this year, will support and educate disabled veterans and their spouses. Working with Father Rick Curry, a professor in the Catholic Studies Department at Georgetown University, we have developed a socially-responsible business model to provide a holistic approach to helping veterans transition to a new phase in their life. In connection with the Georgetown School of Extended Learning, they will be taught small business and entrepreneurial skills, earning a certificate in the process.

I'm proud of the work we're doing to launch this exciting project and I was honored to have our efforts recognized over the weekend at the Garden Brunch to celebrate White House Correspondents Weekend in Washington, DC. It was great to be part of an event that pays tribute to the men and women who serve our country during this high profile weekend.

Dog Tag Bakery will be located one block from the corner of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown - on Grace Street - where supporters of our initiative will be able to see firsthand the results of their investment. When it opens, the 4,200 square foot building will provide a retail location for the bakery and café, and it will also house a production/baking area, a training and meeting room, and office space from which to manage the business.

I urge you to learn more and join us at