Anonymous Declares War On Donald Trump

Here we go again.

After recently targeting the so-called Islamic State, hacktivist group Anonymous is turning its attention to Donald Trump.

In a video published Wednesday, Anonymous slams the GOP presidential frontrunner for his proposal to keep Muslims from entering the country.

"This policy is going to have a huge impact. This is what ISIS wants," Anonymous said. "The more Muslims feel sad, the more ISIS feel that they can recruit them."

Trump's polarizing rhetoric may have him surging in the polls, but most Americans actually oppose his plan for Muslims.

Of course, it's unclear if Anonymous will be able to have much of an impact on the election. The video doesn't make any plan of action clear, and even if it did, the group has made plenty of missteps in the past.

Also worth considering: If Trump, who's joked on several occasions about how sexy his own daughter is, fails to self-sabotage, Anonymous may not have much luck, either.

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