'Secret Santa' Settles $40,000 Worth Of Layaway Holiday Gift Bills

More than 200 families benefited from the kindhearted gesture.

Christmas has come early for around 200 families in Pennsylvania.

An anonymous donor settled around $40,000 worth of layaway holiday gift bills at a Walmart store in Everett over the weekend, according to The Associated Press.

The big-hearted stranger, whom store staff have nicknamed “Santa B,” pulled a similarly generous stunt at the same outlet last year.

Kristen Martin, who’d put her children’s Christmas presents on layaway this year, told NBC-affiliate WJAC-TV how much the gesture meant to her:

I think it means more to me, but I think they’ll (her children) be happy. I remember when I was growing up for Christmas. I was just telling my mom the other day that I want my kids to have Christmas like that.”

“I think they have lots of treasures in heaven,” Martin added, in praise of the mysterious benefactor.

Similar acts of generosity have also taken place in other parts of the country, as the countdown to the holiday season continues.

Staff at a diner in Scottsdale, Arizona, received a $2,000 tip on a $17 tab over the weekend, while the Shawnee Police Department in Kansas has been handing out $10,000 in cash on behalf of an anonymous donor.

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