How To Anonymously Tell Your Co-Worker He Smells

You've been in a situation like this before: Someone you work with has stinky breath. You know it, your coworkers know it. Only problem is, he doesn't know it. Everyone would be better off if someone told him about it (including Mr. Egg Salad Sandwich himself, who would no longer be the talk of the water cooler if he popped a mint now and then).

Modern technology may have a solution to this problem: a new website called Leak, which makes it super-simple to send anonymous emails. Just type in someone's email address and write a message. The recipient will never know who called him out on his foul mouth.


This is what the person at the other end sees. Short of putting a bottle of Listerine on his desk, it's the most direct way of anonymously getting the point across.


Other quick-hit anonymous email tools exist. But Leak makes it easy to offer context that could help get your message across: You can indicate whether you are a friend, friend of a friend, family member or coworker.

It's easy to see how ugly this sort of anonymity could get, so Leak has guidelines suggesting users "be kind and respectful" and "don't bully." These actual examples of emails people have supposedly sent over Leak show how people can take anonymity too far:

leak 1

leak 2

leak 3