'Anonymous' Protesters Make Homeless Man Cry With Amazing Act (VIDEO)

It started with a single coin.

As a crowd of chanting, masked protesters moved through the main street in the city of Nottingham, England, earlier this year, one man noticed a homeless man with a hand-lettered sign huddled on the side of the road.

"Stop!" the man yelled, urging protesters to donate. "This man is Anonymous!" another declares into a megaphone. One after another protesters reached down to donate. Soon, the homeless man's hat was brimming with coins.

The touching scene, captured in a video going viral this week, was recorded during a peaceful "flashmob" carried out on Feb. 23 by an organization that calls itself Anonymous Nottingham.

The group took to the streets using the code name #OpRobinHood in order to shut down any Nottingham shops that were attempting to avoid paying taxes, according to a posting about the event.

As protester after protester steps up to hug him and offer words of encouragement, Stephen wipes his yes, clearly overwhelmed. "Don't cry," a female protester says. "We love ya," another offers, as the protesters move on down the street.

While Anonymous has made a name for itself in recent years, little is known about the homeless man in the video, except that his name appeared to be "Stephen."



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