Anonymous Woman Pays Everyone's Tab At Denny's (VIDEO)

WATCH: Mysterious Woman Pays For Entire Restaurant

Here at Good News, we are all about random acts of kindness, but few blow us away like what happened at a Denny’s near Sacramento, Calif.

Earlier this week, a woman approached manager Seto Avakian, and requested that she be allowed to pay for the meals of everyone in the restaurant, CBS Sacramento reports. He says he's never seen anything like it after more than 40 years as a restaurant manager.

“I asked her, I said ‘Are you sure?’” Avakian told CBS. “She said ‘yeah.’ I said ‘It’ll be a lot of money.’”

The total: about $300 and a $40 tip.

"People thought we were joking. She didn't want anybody to know she paid and then she left," waitress Carol Kronberger told KCRA.

“She was very persistent (about being anonymous),” Avakian said. Although he was sworn to secrecy, the manager did tell CBS that the woman was in her mid-30s and had two children with her.

Was she a celebrity? Did she win the lottery? He didn't get an answer. “She was very nice, very humble,” is all Avakian could confirm.

Editor's Note: The KCRA story has the manager's name as Tom Klepac and the total amount as $300. We've gone with name and details on the CBS story.

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