Another Blue Serge Suit

I am sure you have heard the expression "offering an opinion is like peeing on yourself in a blue serge suit. It feels warm and no one knows you've done it." Now, two sources, an article in The Atlantic Monthly and a report from the Pew Research Center, confirm the expression as fact.

Their evidence concludes that neither political conservatives nor their liberal opposites can be persuaded to change their beliefs or opinions no matter how much empirical evidence shows that they are wrong.

A case in point is the matter of evolution. To someone who believes that the world is 9,000 years old no quantity of fact burdened argument will get them to change their mind. "It's a THEORY of evolution!" they shriek. "A theory is only a wild pipe dream promoted by smart alecks!"

It does no good to point out that there is Music Theory and actual music, and a Theory of Large Numbers and really big numbers; if their world view depends on the earth being 9,000 years old then by God there is no such thing as music, or large numbers. They'll tell you to stick the Paleoarchean Era right up your wazoo.

Liberals are not exempt. By example, virtually all the literature focused on client based outcomes concludes that Community Action Agency Programs (CAAPS) are a vast waste of money, and most of the social science literature points to CAAPs as a main contributor to the decline of urban based African American communities. Yet, we've funded them to the tune of about $700 million dollars a year since Lyndon Johnson's Great Society. Why? I rack it up to the Liberal's lust for supervision--but you undoubtedly have another opinion, not that anyone cares.

Not caring about another's opinions and the facts that go with them seem to characterize what is going on in Congress right now. Whether the fact of the deficit is handled by will or by magic or handled at all is less important than the perception of who has won the argument.

Well, that was fun. I feel warm all over.