Another Coal-Sponsored Debate Without Questions on Global Warming

Last night's Democratic debate in Texas was sponsored (once again) by polluting coal interests, whose laughable ads about pie-in-the-sky "clean coal" littered CNN's debate coverage. Gee, what a surprise then that no questions were asked about global warming in the state that is the number one emitter of CO2 emissions.

The candidates practically invited the question -- both referred to proposals for greening the economy and seemed ready to differentiate their plans to address impending climate chaos. But they were never pressed by the panel to even elaborate on their green jobs proposals. Not a single question about how America could kick our oil addiction, or how we might rejoin the international commitment to address global warming. Nada.

Instead viewers were left with the coal industry's ridiculous ads -- part of a $35 million PR campaign by the coal industry -- which further confuse Americans about King Coal's pollution legacy. When will CNN and other debate hosts ask the tough questions -- or any questions -- about the biggest threat to the planet?

With the coal ad money pouring in, I'm not holding my breath. But every kid in America might have to start if Dirty Coal is allowed to pump even more CO2 into our choked atmosphere.